About Ridu Creations

Almost 10 years prior to the creation of her first RIDU bra, Rienie noticed she had developed wrinkles along her lower neckline region and began to feel she could no longer wear low cut tops or dresses.

Rienie began to use many skin firming products which did, to a certain extent, reduce the wrinkles which she had grown so aware of over the years; but in fact felt that nothing worked to her satisfaction. One morning she stood in front of the mirror and noticed that her wrinkles were most certainly more prominent and defined earlier in the morning and she wondered if these wrinkles were perhaps worsened by the movement of her breasts during the night.

Although Rienie had no prior experience in clothing design, she took sponge and elastic and began playing with different ideas on how to develop a bra that could prevent the less elastic skin covering her chest to pull during the night causing the prominence of these wrinkles.

Once Rienie had perfected her design she started RIDU™ creations because she wanted to share this amazing invention with all women. This product definitely works and the creator is the living proof of the effectiveness and efficiency with which it works.

Almost 10 years since this concept originated, Rienie has overcome remarkable personal trials within her life which has pushed her closer and closer to faith and the guiding hand of the Lord, whom she feels has been the source of this fantastic product.

”There is something super natural in this product which has allowed me, with no prior experience or knowledge in clothing design, to make something that can really change the life of many women. I cannot explain how I knew what to do when creating this bra, except to attribute it to the Lord and His ability to allow those who are willing to be guided by Him”. Rienie Du Preez
All Glory to God

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